4 Elastic Configurations

Elastic configurations allow Oracle Exadata Racks to have customer-defined combinations of database servers and Exadata Storage Servers. For example, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5-2 Elastic Configuration elastic configuration can have 0 to 22 database servers, 0 to 19 Exadata Storage Servers, or a combination of database servers and Exadata Storage Servers.


For ease of reading, the name "Oracle Exadata Rack" is used when information refers to both Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack.

To build an Oracle Exadata system with a custom number of database and storage servers, use Oracle Exadata Configuration Assistant (OECA). OECA is available on Oracle Technology Network:


OECA simplifies the elastic configuration process. OECA facilitates scoping and analyzing elastic configurations and reporting environmental specifications.