This illustration shows an ASM-scoped security configuration. The illustration depicts two clusters, Cluster A and Cluster b. Each cluster consists of three servers, with Oracle ASM instances, database instances, and Oracle RAC instances. The clusters communicate with the storage servers through the InfiniBand switch.

In the storage servers section of the illustration, there are two groupings of disks. The disks are represented as cylinders. There are three disks in each group. For the cylinder on the left side of the left group, there are callouts which indicate the cylinder represents a cell disk, which is the same as a physical disk. The cylinder to the right side of the group on the left also has callouts. The top callout points to the upper, shaded part of the cylinder and is labeled Grid Disk. The bottom callout points to the lower, speckled part of the cylinder, and is also labeled Grid Disk. This indicates that each cell disk is partitioned into two grid disks. All the cylinders depicted in the image have the same partitioning.