The screenshow shows the Integrated Lights Out Manager v3.2.4.10 web interface. In the Navigation menu on the left, under Remote Control, the entry Redirection is selected.

In the main part of the window, the title is Redirection. This is followed by the text “Manage the host remotely by redirecting the system console to your local machine”, followed by a hyperlink titled “More details...”. Under this text, there are two options: Use video redirection (selected) and Use serial redirection. Under these options is a button titled Launch Remote Console.

To the left of these options is a popup window titled Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager Remote System Console Plus, followed by the host name. There are two additional popup windows on top of this one. The first is Storage Devices, which shows a local path, and 4 buttons at the bottom: Add, Connect (disabled), Remove (disabled), and OK. The topmost popup window is titled Add Storage Device. The Look in folder selection is set to the same folder as shown in the backmost popup window, which is BackupRestore on the local hard drive. The files listed in this folder are: BackupRestore-Scrap.txt, diagnostics.iso, and Worksheet.txt.

End of description.