Autonomous Health Framework Compliance Checks and Diagnostics

Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) is a diagnostic and system performance framework designed to keep database systems healthy and running while minimizing human reaction time.

You have access to Oracle Autonomous Health Framework as a value add-on to your existing support contract.

There is no additional fee or license required to run Oracle Autonomous Health Framework.

Get Started

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Changes in This Release

Learn about the new features available with this release of Oracle Orachk, Oracle Exachk, and Oracle Trace File Analyzer as part of the Oracle Autonomous Health Framework installer.

Getting Started

Procedures that describe how to get started using Oracle Autonomous Health Framework. Oracle Orachk, Oracle Exachk, and Oracle Trace File Analyzer share a common installation framework and a large portion of their features and tasks are common.

Collecting and Analyzing Diagnostics

Oracle Trace File Analyzer monitors your logs for significant problems, such as internal errors like ORA-00600, or node evictions.