3.7 Viewing and Reattempting Failed Uploads

Configure Oracle Autonomous Health Framework to display and reattempt to upload the failed uploads.

The tools store the values in the collection_dir/outfiles/check_env.out file to record if the previous database upload was successful or not.

The following example shows that database upload has been set up, but the last upload was unsuccessful:

To view and reattempt failed uploads:

  1. To view failed collections, use the -checkfaileduploads option.
    orachk -checkfaileduploads
    exachk -checkfaileduploads
    For example:
    $ orachk -checkfaileduploads
    List of failed upload collections
  2. To reattempt collection upload, use the -uploadfailed option
    Specify either all to upload all collections or a comma-delimited list of collections:
    orachk -uploadfailed all|list of failed collections
    exachk -uploadfailed all|list of failed collections
    For example:
    orachk -uploadfailed "/home/oracle/orachk_myserver_042016_232011.zip, /home/oracle/orachk_myserver_042016_231732.zip"


    You cannot upload collections uploaded earlier because of the SQL unique constraint.