P.15 Application Continuity Command-Line Options

Use the list of commands to configure Application Continuity.

Table P-14 Application Continuity Command-Line Options

Command-Line Argument Shell Environment Variable Usage

–asmhome jarfilename


This must point to a version of asm-all-5.0.3.jar that you download from ASM Home Page.

-javahome JDK8dirname


This must point to the JAVA_HOME directory for a JDK8 installation.

-appjar dirname


To analyze the application code for references to Oracle concrete classes, this must point to the parent directory name for the code. The program analyzes .class files, and recursively .jar files and directories.

To analyze the coverage, specify a directory name that contains one or more database server trace files. The trace directory is generally,



When scanning the trace directory, this optional value limits the analysis to scanning to files created in the most recent specified number of days

Example P-1 Application Continuity Command-Line Options

$ orachk -asmhome /tmp/asm-all-5.0.3.jar -javahome /tmp/jdk1.8.0_40 -apptrc $ORACLE_BASE/diag/rdbms/$ORACLE_SID/trace 3

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