4.1 Collecting Diagnostics Automatically

This section explains automatic diagnostic collection concepts.

If Oracle Trace File Analyzer detects any problems, then it performs the following actions:

  • Runs necessary diagnostics and collects all relevant log data at the time of a problem

  • Trims log files to collect only what is necessary for diagnosis

  • Collects and packages all trimmed diagnostics from all nodes in the cluster, consolidating everything on a single node

  • Stores diagnostic collections in the Oracle Trace File Analyzer repository

  • Sends you email notification of the problem and details of diagnostic collection that is ready for upload to Oracle Support

Figure 4-1 Automatic Diagnostic Collections

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Description of "Figure 4-1 Automatic Diagnostic Collections"

Oracle Trace File Analyzer has a mechanism that prevents repeat errors from overwhelming your system with excessive, automatic collections.

Identifying an event triggers the start point for a collection and five minutes later Oracle Trace File Analyzer starts collecting diagnostic data. Starting five minutes later enables Oracle Trace File Analyzer to capture other relevant events in one operation. If events are still occurring after five minutes, then diagnostic collection continues to wait. Oracle Trace File Analyzer waits for 30 seconds with no events occurring up to an additional five minutes.

If events continue after 10 minutes, then Oracle Trace File Analyzer continues to perform diagnostic collection.

After completing the diagnostic collections, Oracle Trace File Analyzer sends email notifications that include the collection location to the designated recipients.

If your environment can make a connection to oracle.com, then you can use Oracle Trace File Analyzer to upload the collection to a Service Request.

$ tfactl set autodiagcollect=ON|OFF

Automatic collections are ON by default.

Table 4-1 Log Entries that Trigger Automatic collection

String Pattern Log Monitored











System State dumped

Alert Log - Oracle Database

Alert Log - Oracle Database/Oracle ASM

Alert Log - Oracle Database/Oracle ASM Proxy

Alert Log - Oracle Database


Alert Log - Oracle Clusterware

Additionally, when Oracle Cluster Health Advisor detects a problem event, Oracle Trace File Analyzer automatically triggers the relevant diagnostic collection.