12.9 Running Compliance Checks on a Subset of Oracle Home and Oracle Databases

Use the -dbconfig command when Oracle ORAchk and Oracle EXAchk are not able to discover ORACLE_HOME, or the name of the Oracle Database and you have multiple ORACLE_HOMEs in a system and each home is running multiple Oracle Databases.


orachk -dbconfig dbhome%dbname(s)[,dbhome%dbname(s)]
exachk -dbconfig dbhome%dbname(s)[,dbhome%dbname(s)]

Specify a comma-delimited list of Oracle Database homes with corresponding Oracle Database names to run health checks only on a subset of Oracle Databases. Oracle ORAchk and Oracle EXAchk do not prompt you for database selection while running.

Separate the Oracle Database home and the corresponding Oracle Database names with %. Specify the list of Oracle Database names associated with a particular Oracle Database home with :.

orachk -dbconfig dbhome%dbname:dbname:...[,dbhome%dbname:dbname:...]
exachk -dbconfig dbhome%dbname:dbname:...[,dbhome%dbname:dbname:...]

Example 12-1 Limiting Health Checks to a Subset of Oracle Home and Oracle Databases

orachk -dbconfig dbhome1%dbname
orachk -dbconfig dbhome1%dbname1:dbname2
orachk -dbconfig dbhome1%dbname1:dbname2,dbhome2%dbname3:dbname4