7.2 Configuring REST Service Using Apache Tomcat

The Oracle Trace File Analyzer installation includes a Web Application Resource (WAR) file to enable the REST service via Apache Tomcat.

To enable the REST service using Apache Tomcat:
  1. Deploy the WAR file located at TFA_HOME/common/jlib/tfa.war to your Tomcat server.
  2. Change the tfaadmin user password.
    curl -k --user tfaadmin:tfaadmin -X POST "https://host/tfa/tfactl/user/update" '{ "password" : "some_new_password" }'
  3. Change the tfarest user password.
    curl -k --user tfarest:tfarest -X POST "https://host/tfa/tfactl/user/update" '{ "password" : "some_new_password" }'
  4. Add the Tomcat user to the Oracle Trace File Analyzer access list.
    tfactl access add -user tomcat_user