Shows the Collection Manager screen after selecting Manager Email Server & Job Details.

There is a Manage Email Server section with text boxes to enter Server Name and Port Number then a button to Set My Email Server Settings.

There is a Mail Notification Job Interval section showing which Mail Notification Jobs have run, indicating the run date time, the status of Succeeded and any error codes. There are also two buttons at the top of this section the first saying Click To Receive Email Notifications Once Every with a text box underneath pre-populated with “4” then a drop down pre-populated with “HOURS”. The second button is Click To Enable Email Notifications.

There is a Purge Job Interval section showing Purge Job Run Details including Log Date, Status, Error# and Additional_Info. At the top of this section are two buttons. The first button says Click To Disable Purging. The second button says Click to Purge Every, underneath are a text field with the label Purge Frequency, pre-populated with the value 3 then a drop down pre-populated with the value “MONTHLY”.