8.3 Managing the Repository

Oracle Trace File Analyzer stores all diagnostic collections in the repository.

The repository size is the maximum space Oracle Trace File Analyzer is able to use on disk to store collections.

8.3.1 Purging the Repository Automatically

Oracle Trace File Analyzer closes the repository, if:

  • Free space in TFA_HOME  is less than 100 MB, also stops indexing

  • Free space in ORACLE_BASE  is less than 100 MB, also stops indexing

  • Free space in the repository is less than 1 GB

  • Current size of the repository is greater than the repository max size (reposizeMB)

The Oracle Trace File Analyzer daemon monitors and automatically purges the repository when the free space falls below 1 GB or before closing the repository. Purging removes collections from largest size through to smallest until the repository has enough space to open.

Oracle Trace File Analyzer automatically purges only the collections that are older than minagetopurge. By default, minagetopurge  is 12 hours.

To purge the repository automatically

  1. To change the minimum age to purge:
    set minagetopurge=number of hours
    For example:
    $ tfactl set minagetopurge=48

    Purging the repository automatically is enabled by default.

  2. To disable or enable automatic purging:
    set autopurge=ON|OFF
    For example:
    $ tfactl set autopurge=ON
  3. To change the location of the repository:
    set repositorydir=dir
    For example:
    $ tfactl set repositorydir=/opt/mypath
  4. To change the size of the repository:
    set reposizeMB
    For example:
    $ tfactl set reposizeMB=20480

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8.3.2 Purging the Repository Manually

To purge the repository manually:

  1. To view the status of the Oracle Trace File Analyzer repository:
    tfactl print repository
  2. To view statistics about collections:
    tfactl print collections
  3. To manually purge collections that are older than a specific time:
    tfactl purge -older number[h|d] [-force]

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