11.8 OSWatcher Parameters are Different After a Reboot or Otherwise Unexpectedly Different

When Oracle Trace File Analyzer manages OSWatcher, after an installation or a reboot, OSWatcher is started as a non-privileged user such as:

  • grid on Oracle RAC systems

  • oracle on non-Oracle RAC systems

Oracle does not recommend stopping and restarting OSWatcher as root.

For example:

tfactl oswbb stop

tfactl start oswbb 20 72 (interval of 20 seconds and retention of 72 hours)

OSWatcher is then run as root until it is stopped and re-started as oracle or grid, or there is a reboot. In either case, the parameters are persisted in a property file. OSWatcher defaults (30,48) are used unless other parameters are specified for interval and retention period. Beginning with Oracle Trace File Analyzer version, an OSWatcher property file is maintained for each user. Each time OSWatcher is started, the parameters for interval or retention hours are made persistent for that user. In earlier versions, if the OSWatcher startup parameters are different than expected, then it is because OSWatcher was stopped and started as root with different parameters. These settings would have persisted across reboots because there was only one properties file.

In and above, if there is a reboot, then OSWatcher must always be brought up using the parameters from the properties of oracle or grid. The OSWatcher startup parameters are different if OSWatcher is stopped and re-started as root with different parameters before a reboot. The parameters fetched from the root properties must not take effect after a reboot. The parameters must revert to the parameters of oracle properties.

The parameters are different and the persistent settings are changed because Oracle Support would have recommended different settings to investigate an issue. In that case, stop, and re-start OSWatcher with the normal parameters as a non-privileged user.

tfactl oswbb stop

tfactl start oswbb (in this case the default interval of 30 seconds and retention of 48 hours would be persisted)


If OSWatcher is installed and running, and not managed by Oracle Trace File Analyzer, then Oracle Trace File Analyzer defers to that installation and parameters. When listing the oswbb tool status, the status must be NOT RUNNING, that is, not managed by Oracle Trace File Analyzer.