1.1 About Oracle Autonomous Health Framework

Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) includes the functionality from Oracle ORAchk, Oracle EXAchk, and Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA).

As a DBA, you are expected to do more work with fewer resources. You are under pressure to maintain the mission-critical applications up and running. When something goes wrong, everyone looks to you to understand what went wrong and how to fix it.

To accomplish this, you have to run the right tools at the right time. If you're using Oracle Grid Infrastructure, then you also have to collect diagnostic data from all the database nodes. Collecting this data can require you to use tools that you rarely use. Needless to say, each tool has its own syntax.

The amount of data that you collect can be huge. Only a fraction of the data that you collect is useful. Oracle Autonomous Health Framework makes this easier with the following components:

Table 1-1 Components of Oracle Autonomous Health Framework

Component Description

Oracle ORAchk / Oracle EXAchk

Provides a lightweight and non-intrusive compliance check framework for the Oracle stack of software and hardware components.

Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA)

Monitors your logs for significant problems, automatically trims logs and collects relevant diagnostics across cluster nodes and consolidates everything in one place. Collections are analyzed for know problems. Various DBA tools are included for triaging problems.