9.3 Purging Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure Logs

Use these tfactl commands to manage log file purge policy for Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure logs.

Automatic purging is enabled by default on a Domain Service Cluster (DSC), and disabled by default elsewhere. When automatic purging is enabled, every 60 minutes, Oracle Trace File Analyzer automatically purges logs that are older than 30 days.

To purge Oracle Trace File Analyzer logs automatically:

  1. To turn on or off automatic purging:
    $ tfactl set manageLogsAutoPurge=ON|OFF
  2. To adjust the age of logs to purge:
    $ tfactl set manageLogsAutoPurgePolicyAge=nd|h
  3. To adjust the frequency of purging:
    $ tfactl set manageLogsAutoPurgeInterval=minutes