1.3 Scope of Oracle Stack Supported

Oracle Autonomous Health Framework performs compliance checks for the entire range of Oracle products from hardware, to Oracle Database, middleware, and applications.

Oracle Autonomous Health Framework proactively scans for top known problems (based on prioritization of reported issues) within an Oracle system.

The scope of Oracle Autonomous Health Framework increases with new releases. The following lists the current products on which you can use Oracle Autonomous Health Framework.

  • Oracle Engineered Systems

    • Oracle Big Data Appliance

    • Oracle Exadata Database Machine Version 2 and later

    • Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

    • Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

  • Oracle Database Appliance

  • Oracle ASR

  • Oracle Database

    • Single-instance Oracle Database

    • Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle RAC

    • Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) validation

    • Upgrade Readiness validation

    • Oracle GoldenGate

    • Application Continuity

  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (12c only)

    • Management Repository

    • Management Agents

    • Oracle Management Service (OMS), version and later on Linux only

  • Oracle Identity and Access Management

    • Oracle Identity Manager ( and

    • Oracle Access Manager ( and

    • Oracle Unified Directory ( and

  • Oracle Hardware Systems

    • Oracle Solaris

    • Oracle Solaris Cluster

    • Oracle Systems configuration for Oracle Middleware and Oracle Applications

    • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

    • Oracle Virtual Networking

  • Oracle Siebel

    • Oracle Siebel verification of the database configuration for stability, best practices, and performance optimization (Siebel connecting to Oracle Database

  • Oracle PeopleSoft

    • Oracle PeopleSoft verification of database best practices