C.7 tfactl summary

Use the tfactl summary command to view the summary of Oracle Trace File Analyzer deployment.


tfactl [run] summary [OPTIONS]


Option Description


[Default] Complete summary collection


[Optional/Default] Complete summary collection - overview.


[Optional/Default] Oracle Clusterware status summary.


[Optional/Default] Oracle ASM status summary.


[Optional/Default] Oracle ACFS status Summary.


[Optional/Default] Oracle Database status summary.


[Optional/Default] Oracle Exadata status summary.

Not enabled/ignored in Microsoft Windows and Non-Exadata machine


[Optional/Default] Patch details.


[Optional/Default] LISTENER status summary.


[Optional/Default] NETWORK status summary.


[Optional/Default] Operating system status summary.


[Optional/Default] Oracle Trace File Analyzer status summary.


[Optional/Default] Summary tool metadata.


[Optional] - Prepare JSON report.


[Optional] - Prepare HTML report.


[Optional] - Display [HTML or JSON] report at console.


[Optional] - Interactive console by default.

-history num

[Optional] - View Previous numberof summary collection history in interpreter.


node(s) : [Optional] - local or comma-separated list of names of nodes.