Oracle® Private Cloud Appliance

Release Notes for Release 2.4.1

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April 2020

Table of Contents

1 About Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Components
2 Feature Overview
2.1 Changes and Improvements in Release 2.4.1
2.2 Earlier Releases
3 Product Accessibility
3.1 Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Dashboard Accessibility Features
3.2 Documentation Accessibility
4 Configuration Maximums
5 Firmware Qualification
5.1 Qualified Firmware for Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Controller Software Release 2.4.1
6 Known Limitations and Workarounds
6.1 Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Hardware
6.1.1 Compute Node Boot Sequence Interrupted by LSI Bios Battery Error
6.1.2 Reboot From Oracle Linux Prompt May Cause Management Node to Hang
6.1.3 Interruption of iSCSI Connectivity Leads to LUNs Remaining in Standby
6.1.4 ILOM Service Processor Clocks Are Out-of-Sync
6.1.5 ILOM Firmware Does Not Allow Loopback SSH Access
6.2 Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Software
6.2.1 Do Not Install Additional Software on Appliance Components
6.2.2 Do Not Reconfigure Network During Compute Node Provisioning or Upgrade
6.2.3 Nodes Attempt to Synchronize Time with the Wrong NTP Server
6.2.4 Node Manager Does Not Show Node Offline Status
6.2.5 Compute Node State Changes Despite Active Provisioning Lock
6.2.6 Compute Nodes Are Available in Oracle VM Server Pool Before Provisioning Completes
6.2.7 Reprovisioning or Upgrading a Compute Node Hosting Virtual Machines Leads to Errors
6.2.8 Virtual Machines Remain in Running Status when Host Compute Node Is Reprovisioned
6.2.9 Provisioning Is Slow in Systems with Many VMs and VLANs
6.2.10 Management Nodes Have Non-Functional bond0 Network Interface
6.2.11 Network Performance Is Impacted by VxLAN Encapsulation
6.2.12 Altering Custom Network VLAN Tag Is Not Supported
6.2.13 Host Network Parameter Validation Is Too Permissive
6.2.14 Virtual Appliances Cannot Be Imported Over a Host Network
6.2.15 Customizations for ZFS Storage Appliance in multipath.conf Are Not Supported
6.2.16 Customer Created LUNs Are Mapped to the Wrong Initiator Group
6.2.17 Storage Head Failover Disrupts Running Virtual Machines
6.2.18 Oracle VM Manager Fails to Restart after Restoring a Backup Due to Password Mismatch
6.2.19 Changing Multiple Component Passwords Causes Authentication Failure in Oracle VM Manager
6.2.20 ILOM Password of Expansion Compute Nodes Is Not Synchronized During Provisioning
6.2.21 SSH Host Key Mismatch After Management Node Failover
6.2.22 External Storage Cannot Be Discovered Over Data Center Network
6.2.23 High Network Load with High MTU May Cause Time-Out and Kernel Panic in Compute Nodes
6.2.24 User Interface Does Not Support Internet Explorer 10 and 11
6.2.25 Mozilla Firefox Cannot Establish Secure Connection with User Interface
6.2.26 Authentication Error Prevents Oracle VM Manager Login
6.2.27 Virtual Machine with High Availability Takes Five Minutes to Restart when Failover Occurs
6.2.28 Compute Node CPU Load at 100 Percent Due to Hardware Management Daemon
6.2.29 CLI Command configure Results in Failure
6.2.30 CLI Command update appliance Deprecated
6.2.31 Adding the Virtual Machine Role to the Storage Network Causes Cluster to Lose Heartbeat Networking
6.2.32 Adding Virtual Machine Role to the Management Network Causes Oracle VM Manager to Lose Contact with the Compute Nodes
7 Feedback and Support
7.1 Providing Feedback and Reporting Problems
7.2 Contacting Oracle Specialist Support
7.3 Data Collection for Service and Support