Description of the illustration amagd_vm_033.eps

On the left of the diagram is a server computer icon with an attached blue cylinder labeled "Protected Database." Inside the cylinder icon is a file icon labeled "Control File." In the center of the diagram is a large server computer icon labeled "Recovery Appliance." Inside this icon is a blue box labeled "Storage Locations in Oracle ASM." Inside this box is a smaller box labeled "Delta Store." Inside this box are seven boxes, each of which contains one or more small green cubes. The seven boxes are labeled "Delta Pools." Underneath this blue box is a blue database cylinder, labeled "Recovery Appliance Metadata Database," which contains a gray box labeled "Recovery Appliance Schema." Inside this gray box is a white box labeled "Recovery Catalog." The gray box contains another file icon labeled "Delta Store Metadata,' which points upward to the Delta Store box. On the left, the server computer icon points right toward the Storage Locations in ASM box. The arrow is labeled "Backups and Redo." The control file icon points right to the Recovery Appliance Schema box. The arrow is labeled "Backup Metadata." The Oracle Secure Backup icon points right to a stack of tapes labeled "Tape Library." The arrow is labeled "Backups."