Description of the illustration amagd_vm_038.eps

On the lower left is a server computer icon with an attached blue database cylinder icon. The cylinder is labeled "Protected Database." The server computer points right to a blue rectangle labeled "Shared Storage." The arrow is labeled "Writes Backups." Inside the Shared Storage rectangle is a dotted-line box. Inside this box are four blue cylinders. Inside the cylinder on the left are two file icons. This cylinder points upward toward a blue cylinder that contains identical file icons. The arrow is labeled "Copies Backups." To the right of this top cylinder is another blue cylinder. Both cylinders are inside a dotted-line box that is inside a blue rectangle. On the upper left of the diagram is a Recovery Appliance icon labeled "Recovery Appliance." The top blue cylinder, which contains the file icons, points left toward the Recovery Appliance icon. The double-headed arrow is labeled "Processes Backups." The Recovery Appliance also points downward toward the left-most blue cylinder in the Shared Storage icon. The arrow is labeled "Polls for Backups."