Description of the illustration amagd_vm_051.eps

On the left of the graphic is a protected database host with a protected database cylinder inside it. The cylinder is labeled "TDE for Tablespaces (At Rest)." An arrow labeled "Incremental Backups" points from the protected database host to the Recovery Appliance. An arrow labeled "Redo" points from the cylinder to a Redo Log Files icon. The Redo arrow and the Redo Log Files icon are labeled "Redo Encryption Using LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n (In Transit and At Rest)." The Incremental Backups and Redo arrows are labeled "Oracle Net Security for Network Transfers (In Transit)." An "Oracle Secure Backup" box inside the Recovery Appliance points to a Tape Library icon. The tape library is labeled "Hardware Encryption Managed By Oracle Key Manager (At Rest)."