Description of the illustration amagd_vm_025.eps

This image illustrates the Recovery Appliance environment. On the left, from top to bottom, is a stack of six protected databases. Each protected database has an arrow that points to the Recovery Appliance in the center. The arrows are labelled "Incremental Forever Backups and Real-Time Redo".

The Recovery Appliance is a rectangular box with the letter R on it and labeled "Recovery Appliance". A straight line labeled "Delta Store Compresses and Validates Backups" is drawn to the Recovery Appliance. Attached to the Recovery Appliance is a box containing the words "Oracle Secure Backup". This box is connected to a stack of tapes labeled "Tape Library" through an arrow labeled "Tape Archival". Attached to the appliance is a cylinder labeled "Recovery Appliance Metadata Database". Inside this cylinder is an icon labeled "Recovery Catalog".

On the right, from top to bottom, is an icon depicting a computer labeled "Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control", a stack of tapes labeled "Tape Library", and two adjacent boxes labeled "Downstream Recovery Appliance" A two-sided arrow connects the central Recovery Appliance to the Oracle Enterprise Manage Cloud Control. An arrow labeled "Replicated Backups" points right from the central Recovery Appliance to the Remote Recovery Appliance.