Description of the illustration em_dblra_pdb.png

This screenshot is titled "Protected Databases (4)." In this section is a table with the following columns: Database, Target Name, Version, Protection Policy, Database Size (GB), Recovery Window (which contains the subcolumns Goal (days), Current (days), Needed Space (GB)), and Unprotected Data Window. This table contains four rows. The first row has the values DB1123M, db1123m,, GOLD_REP_DEST, 0.0, 7, 0, 0.0, and N/A. The second row has the values DB1211ZS, db1211zs,, SILVER_PROTECTION_POLICY, 133.0, 5, 0.08, 44.8, and 117.7 hours. The third row has the values DB12ORCL, db12orcl,, GOLD_REP_DEST, 8.0, 7, 0, 21.3, and N/A. The fourth row has the values DB12REP, db12rep,, GOLD_REP_DEST, 7.5, 7, 6.61, 35.8, and 164.3 hours.