On the left of this diagram is a column of six protected database icons, from orcl08 to orcl13. Out of each icon an arrow extends to the right toward a central ZDLRA Boston icon. The arrows are labeled "Incremental Forever Backups and Real-Time Redo." Inside the Recovery Appliance icon are two boxes. The top is labeled "Protection Policy reppolicy_us_bronze," and the bottom is labeled "Protection Policy reppolicy_us_gold." Attached to the reppolicy_us_gold icon is a blue box labeled "Replication Server Configuration us_bost_ds_desm (CREATE REPLICATION SERVER)." Attached to the reppolicy_us_bronze icon is a red box labeled "Replication Server Configuration us_bost_ds_sf (CREATE REPLICATION SERVER)." The central reppolicy_us_gold box points right toward another Recovery Appliance labeled "ZDLRA Des Moines." The arrow is labeled "Replicated Backups." The us_bost_ds_sf box points right to a Recovery Appliance labeled "ZDLRA San Francisco." The arrow is labeled "Replicated Backups."