This graphic shows three blue boxes in a line from left to right: Planning, Setup and Configuration, and Ongoing Maintenance. Inside the first box is a gray box containing the word "Determine Requirements for Each Protected Database." Inside the Setup and Configuration box are three gray boxes in a line from left to right: Create Virtual Private Catalog Owners, Configure Recovery Appliance, and Configure Protected Database. In the Ongoing Maintenance box is a gray box labeled "Modify Access." The gray boxes are all linked by right-pointing arrows. A dotted-line box labeled "Enroll the Database" surrounds the Configure Recovery Appliance and Configure Protected Database boxes. The Configure Recovery Appliance box points down to a gray box labeled "Add Protected Database." This box points right to a box labeled "Grant Virtual Private Catalog Owners Access to Protected Database." The Modify Access box has three arrows pointing to three separate boxes: Unenroll Protected Database, Revoke Access to Protected Database, Assign Protected Database to Different Policy.