Specifying New Target Monitoring Credentials in Enterprise Manager

To monitor the performance of your database targets, Enterprise Manager connects to your database using a database user name and password. This user name and password combination is referred to as the database monitoring credentials.


The instructions in this section are specific to the monitoring credentials for a database target, but you can use this procedure for any other target type that requires monitoring credentials. For example, you can use this procedure to specify new monitoring credentials for your Oracle Management Service and Management Repository.

When you first add an Oracle9i Database target, or when it is added for you during the installation of the Management Agent, Enterprise Manager uses the DBSNMP database user account and the default password for the DBSNMP account as the monitoring credentials.

When you install Oracle Database 11g, you specify the DBSNMP monitoring password during the database installation procedure.

As a result, if the password for the DBSNMP database user account is changed, you must modify the properties of the database target so that Enterprise Manager can continue to connect to the database and gather configuration and performance data.

Similarly, immediately after you add a new Oracle Database 11g target to the Cloud Control, you may need to configure the target so it recognizes the DBSNMP password that you defined during the database installation. Otherwise, the Database Home page may display no monitoring data and the status of the database may indicate that there is a metric collection error.


You can modify the Enterprise Manager monitoring credentials by using the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Console.