Creates a non-Oracle Middleware Provisioning Profile using the provided archive and properties.

Examples of non-Oracle middleware include Apache Tomcat, JBoss, etc.

For Oracle Middleware Provisioning Profile, refer to other verbs such as create_fmw_domain_profile or create_fmw_home_profile.


emcli create_mw_profile 
      -input_file=propertiesXml:"Properties XML" 
      -host="Host Target Name" 
      [-host_cred="Host Credentials"] 
      [-location="Software Library Location"] 
      [-input_file=parameters:"Provisioning Options"] 

[ ]  indicates that the parameter is optional.


  • input_file

    An XML file describing the characteristics of the profile. It also contains a list of commands that can be executed to provision from the profile.

  • host

    Name of the host target where all files are stored including the archives and, if required, any scripts required during provisioning.

  • host_cred

    Named credentials used to access the reference host. This option is not mandatory. To pass the credential option, enter a name:value pair in the following format:



    credential_name is the name of the named credential.

    credential_owner is the credentials of the Oracle home owner on the administration server host.

    If no named credential is provided, the preferred host credential for the host target will be used.

  • location

    The software library location for the profile. This option is not mandatory. The default is: Middleware Provisioning/Generic Profiles.

  • input_file:properties

    A properties file listing values for all of the parameters required by the commands listed in the profile properties. This is an optional parameter as the same can be provided during provisioning as well.

  • files

    List of files that must be uploaded to the software library. These files are passed in the format file1,file2. All of the files necessary for provisioning from this profile should be provided.


The following example uploads the archives and the provisioning scripts to the software library from the host The profile is created using the named credentials specified.

emcli create_mw_profile 
      -location="My Stuff/Profiles/Middleware"