Gets the list of available privileges in Enterprise Manager based on the type specified.


emcli get_supported_privileges

[ ]  indicates that the parameter is optional


  • type

    Type of privileges to retrieve from Enterprise Manager. Possible values are:

    • ALL (default value)

    • SYSTEM

    • TARGET

    • JOB

  • noheader

    Displays tabular information without column headers.

  • script

    This is equivalent to -format="name:script". Prints the output in a format that can be used in scripting.

  • format

    Format specification (default is -format="name:pretty").

    • format="name:pretty" prints the output table in a readable format not intended to be parsed by scripts.

    • format="name:script" sets the default column separator to a tab and the default row separator to a newline. The column and row separator strings can be specified to change these defaults.

    • format="name:csv" sets the column separator to a comma and the row separator to a newline.

    • format=column_separator:"column_sep_string" column-separates the verb output by <column_sep_string>. Rows are separated by the newline character.

    • row_separator:"row_sep_string" row-separates the verb output by <row_sep_string>. Rows are separated by the tab character.

Output Columns

Privilege Name, Privilege Type, Resource Class, Resource GUID Column, Resource ID Columns