Imports a rule set from a list of enterprise rule set(s)


Oracle-supplied out-of-box rule sets cannot be imported.

Privilege Requirements

Any user who has been granted the Create Rule Set Privilege can import the enterprise rule set.


emcli import_incident_rule_set 
    -import_file=<XML file created by the export_incident_rule_set verb>  
    [-alt_rule_set_name=<rule set name>]  

[ ]  indicates that the parameter is optional.


  • import_file

    XML file name along with the file path for the exported rule set earlier.

  • alt_rule_set_name (Optional)

    This option allows you to specify an alternate enterprise rule set name that will be used if there is an existing rule set with the same original name.


The following command imports TEST_RULESET.xml and creates a rule set named COPY_OF_TEST_RULESET.

emcli import_incident_rule_set -import_file="/tmp/TEST_RULESET.xml"  -alt_rule_set_name=COPY_OF_TEST_RULESET