-input_file Syntax

This option enables you to provide an argument to be specified in a file. For example:

emcli xyzverb -input_file="arg1:file1.txt" -input_file="arg2:file2.txt" 

This string literally translates to:

emcli xyzverb -arg1=<contents of file1.txt> -arg2=<contents of file2.txt>
emcli xyzverb -input_file="name:/tmp/b1.txt"  -input_file="type:/tmp/b2.txt" 

This example makes User1 an Enterprise Manager user, which is already created on an external user store like the SSO server. The contents of priv_file are view_target;host1.example.com:host. User1 will have view privileges on the host1.example.com:host target.

emcli create_user