Logs into Enterprise Manager with the given credentials and sets up a session with the OMS.


To avoid an uncommon occurrence in which multiple emcli sessions are created on the OMS, Oracle recommends that you enter the login command before running a script containing EM CLI commands.

Standard Mode

emcli login      -username=<EM_Console_Username>      [-password=<EM_Console_Password>]      [-force]

[ ]  indicates that the parameter is optional

Interactive or Script Mode

login      (username="<EM_Console_Username>"      [,password="<EM_Console_Password>"]      [,force=True|False])

[ ]  indicates that the parameter is optional


  • username

    Enterprise Manager user name to be used by all subsequent EM CLI commands when contacting the OMS.

  • password

    Enterprise Manager user password. If you do not specify this , you are prompted for the password interactively.


    Providing a password on the command line is insecure and should be avoided.

  • force

    Force a login even if there is an existing session. The value must be set to either True or False for Interactive or Script Mode.


These examples show a login as a different user using newly specified credentials, then a subsequent login using the previous credentials.

Example 1 - Command-Line

emcli logout
emcli login -user=new_user -pass=new_user_pass
emcli <verb-name>
emcli logout
emcli login -user=old_user -pass=old_user_pass

Example 2 - Scripting and Interactive

login(username="new_user", password="new_user_pass")
login(username="old_user", password="old_user_pass")

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