Sets the value of a target property for a specified target. Any prior values of the target property are overwritten. When assigning values to the Oracle-provided target properties, use the English names of these target properties:

Comment, Lifecycle Status, Line of Business, Location, Contact

Acceptable values for Lifecyle Status are:

  • Development

  • MissionCritical

  • Production

  • Stage

  • Test

For cluster target types, the value of the target property automatically propagates to all of its member targets. This happens even without the -propagate_to_members parameter. The propagate_to_members parameter is used for aggregate non-cluster targets where the desired behavior is to propagate the target property values to members of the aggregate target. Note that it will propagate to current members of the aggregate, and not targets that are added in the future.


You can only set up and propagate one property at a time to members.


emcli set_target_property_value      -property_records="target_name:target_type:property_name:property_value"      [-separator=property_records="sep_string"]      [-subseparator=property_records="subsep_string"]      [-input_file="parameter_tag:file_path"]

[ ]  indicates that the parameter is optional


  • property_records

    List of property records. The following parts comprise each property record:


    • target_name — Target name of the target for which you want to update the property.

    • target_type — Target type of the target.

    • property_name — Name of the property whose value you want to update. Property names are case sensitive. You can execute the list_target_property_names verb for a list of possible property names.

    • property_value — Value to be assigned/updated for the property.

  • separator

    When specifying multiple property records, use the separator string delimiter as a delimiter between property records. The default separator delimiter is ";".

  • subseparator

    String delimiter to be used between parts of a property record. The default subseparator delimiter is ":".

  • input_file

    Used in conjunction with the -property_records option, this option enables you to provide the property records in a file. This option specifies a mapping between a tag and a local file path. The tag is specified in lieu of property records. The tag cannot contain colons ( : ) or semi-colons ( ; ) .

    For more information about the input_file parameter, see -input_file Syntax Guidelines.

  • propagate_to_members

    Used for group and system targets to also propagate the property to all of its members.


Example 1

This example sets the 'Owner Name' property to Jane Smith for the database test_database.

emcli set_target_property_value
      -property_records="test_database:oracle_database:Owner Name:Jane Smith"

Example 2

This example sets the Owner property to Jane Smith for the database test_db, and also sets the Asset Number property to 100 for the database test_db1.

emcli set_target_property_value
          -property_records="test_db:oracle_database:Owner:Jane Smith;
           test_db1:oracle_database:Asset Number:100"

Example 3

This example sets the Lifecycle Status for all members of the composite system, which includes the following target types.

    myserver.myhost.com_sys: Database System Database Instance   
    myserver.myhost.com_CDBROOT: Pluggable Database 
    myserver.myhost.com_PDB1: Pluggable Database Listener 
    OraDB12Home1_1_myserver.myhost.com_5355: Oracle Home
emcli set_target_property_value -property_records="myserver.myhost.com_sys:oracle_dbsys:LifeCycle Status:Production" -propagate_to_members