Clean Up Migration Files

As part of the Analyze section of the Database Migration work cycle, you can clean up dump files with ease in the Database Migration Workbench. The Cleanup operation will identify the exported dump files for the migration activity and delete them from the Dump Directory where they were exported and the Object Storage where they were uploaded. The cleanup operation can be used to remove dump files for completed or failed database migrations.

Clean Up Using the Database Migration Workbench

Follow these steps to cleanup database dump files after a migration with the Database Migration Workbench:
  1. To begin cleanup, navigate to the Migration Activities Dashboard.
  2. Locate the specific Migration Activity to be cleaned up within the Migration Activity table.
  3. Click on the left hand hamburger menu specific to the activity, select Cleanup and click on Yes.
Cleanup will now run, identifying the exported dump files for the selected Migration Activity and delete them from the export Dump Directory and the upload Object Storage.


The Cleanup activity will not remove, cancel, rollback or stop an ongoing migration.

Clean Up Using REST-API

For Migration cleanups using REST-API you will need the following :


POST can be used if user wants the OMS to pull the files from the Host. The Host needs to be discovered in Enterprise Manager.
Request Method
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic
      "action": "CLEANUP_ACTIVITY", 
      "executionId": "<activity execution id>"
Upon a successful cleanup you will see the following Response:
      "statusCode": 200,
      "status": "SUCCESS",
      "message": "Successfully submitted the requested activity: Cleanup Database Migration",
      "validations": {
      "resultsList": [],
      "result": false },
      "submissionName": "Cleanup Database Migration",      
      "submissionBy": "<Admin User>",
      "submissionId": "<Submission ID>",
      "executionId": "<Execution ID>",
      "uiActivityUrl": "/em/faces/core-jobs-procedureExecutionTracking?executionGUID=<GUID>",
      "restActivityUrl": "/em/websvcs/restful/db/migration/activities/"}
To cleanup the Dump Files of a migration in EMCLI use the following command:
emcli migrate_db 
Where Analyze_Migration contains the JSON payload from the REST operations. For example:
      "action": "CLEANUP_ACTIVITY", 
      "executionId": "<activity execution id>"