Oracle Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) provides you with a powerful analysis of your network and business infrastructure. You can monitor the real-user experience, define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and trigger alert notifications for incidents that violate them.

RUEI is a Web-based utility that reports real-user traffic requested by, and generated from your Web infrastructure. It measures the response time of pages and user transactions at critical points in your network infrastructure. An insightful diagnostics facility allows Application Managers and IT technical staff to perform root-cause analysis.

This document provides information about the changes introduced to RUEI in release Known issues and limitations are also described. It is recommended that you read this document before installing the product or upgrading to this version of the product.

This document contains the following sections:

If you are upgrading from a release other than the most recent previous release, it is recommended that you review the Release Notes for each of the intermediate releases. For information, see:

New Features Included in Release

This release includes the following new features:

Improved Installation

The installation and upgrade instructions have been simplified, and additional check scripts are provided to check both during, as well as post installation.

The number of dependencies have been decreased, and existing ones are updated.

Note: This release requires a working YUM environment to get installation dependencies.

Distinct Users

A new metric distinct users makes it easier to see dimensions along with the number of different users

Oracle Linux 8

Starting this release, Oracle Linux 8 is fully supported.

Database 19c

Starting this release, Oracle Database versions 18c and 19c are supported.

For full list of supported database versions, please refer to the certifications in My Oracle Support.

Siebel Compatibility

Starting this release, Siebel version 17 and up are supported without a need for changing URL patterns.

Upgrade Support Versions

This release supports upgrading from 13.x.x.x versions.

When upgrading from 12.1.x.x, you should upgrade to version first, and only then upgrade to version.

When upgrading from 11.1.x, you should upgrade to version first, then to version, and only then upgrade to version.

Known Limitations

If you are upgrading from RUEI 13.2.2 or older version, there will be some limitations on historic data in the session diagnostics page, including session cube, and user flow completion cube after the upgrade. The Info metrics data of old sessions will display n/a.

RUEI 13.2.3 or higher is not supported on RedHat Enterprise or Oracle Linux 5.x. Existing customers need to setup RUEI on RedHat Enterprise / Oracle Linux 6.x or higher.

Bugs Fixed

The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

Table 1-1 Bugs Fixed in Release

Bug Number Description


False KPI alert delay warnings.


Users in 'Escalation Profile' mail list do not receive OK Notifications.


RUEI 13.3.1 Install using 11gR2 failing with ORA-00904 error.


Not able to change KPI filtering dimension value.


Actions are not captured for pages on some applications.


Portal View ID from page properties starts with %25xx instead of a slash.


Unable to add "Oracle Forms client element" for Users in EBS configuration.

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