1 Use Oracle Enterprise Manager for Autonomous Databases

You can use Oracle Enterprise Manager to discover, manage, and monitor your Autonomous Databases.

Oracle Enterprise Manager supports the following Autonomous Databases and the term "Autonomous Databases" in this guide collectively refers to them:

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse – Dedicated
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing – Dedicated
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse – Shared
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing – Shared

Oracle Enterprise Manager is deployed either on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or on-premises, and using it you can:

  • Discover Autonomous Databases.
  • Monitor the health and performance of Autonomous Databases and perform deep diagnostics on the Performance Hub.
  • Perform database administration tasks such as storage management, and schema management tasks such as creating database objects.

Separate licensing is not required to use Oracle Enterprise Manager for Autonomous Databases. All the supported Oracle Enterprise Manager features for Oracle Databases are bundled with the Autonomous Database.

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