15 Standalone Oracle Analytics Server

Beginning with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 5 (13.5), embedded BI Publisher reporting functionality is no longer available from the Enterprise Manager console.

If you want to use BI Publisher reporting functionality, you will need to install/access a standalone instance of Oracle Analytics Server (OAS), previously called Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). Similarly, BI Publisher, which is part of OBIEE, has been renamed Oracle Analytics Publisher (OAP). Detailed instructions for installing and configuring a standalone OAS/OAP system are fully documented in the following technical brief:

Installing and Configuring Oracle Analytics Server 6.4 for use with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

By using a standalone OAS deployment for your reporting needs, you'll have the flexibility to update reporting functionality independent of Enterprise Manager installation, upgrade, and patch cycles.

Enterprise Manager Upgrade Considerations

When upgrading from Enterprise Manager 13.4 or earlier (with embedded BI Publisher), it's important that you take into consideration the following, prior to performing the upgrade to Enterprise Manager 13.5 and a standalone OAS, to prevent interruption in report creation.

The most important considerations are:

  • Ensuring any customized BIP reports are available in the standalone OAS.
  • Ensuring any prior BIP report schedules are migrated to the standalone OAS.
For detailed information on upgrading from Enterprise Manager 13.4 to 13.5, see the following chapters in the referenced technical brief:
  • Prepare for Oracle Provided Out of Box Reports.
  • Migrating Customized BIP Reports to standalone OAS.
  • Upgrading to Enterprise Manager 13.5.

As shown in the following illustration, prior to performing the Enterprise Manager 13.4 to 13.5 upgrade, complete the Pre-Upgrade Steps. Once you've completed the Enterprise Manager upgrade, follow the Post-Upgrade to 13.5 steps.

Graphic shows the OAS EM upgrade workflow.

OAS Installation and Configuration

The following table illustrates the high-level steps involved in installing and configuring a standalone OAS for use with Enterprise Manager.

Step 1: Install a standalone OAS.

1. Install the latest required version of JDK8 as described in the technical brief.
2. Install Fusion Middleware infrastructure.
4. Install OAS.
5. Install the latest set of Fusion Middleware and OAS required patches.
See the following documentation note or any other notes that may have superseded it:
  • Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) Advisory for Oracle Analytics Server and Oracle Business Intelligence - Updated April 2023 (Doc ID 2832967.2).
6. Configure OAS.

Step 2: Configure a standalone OAS.

There are two main considerations that will dictate the steps to follow in the technical brief:
  1. Security configuration utilized by Enterprise Manager 13.4 and/or Enterprise Manager 13.5.
    1. Repository-based.
    2. LDAP- based.
  2. Whether you are upgrading from Enterprise Manager 13.4 to Enterprise Manager 13.5.
    1. Yes.
    2. No.

Refer to the detailed set of flow charts in the technical brief for a comprehensive outline of the required configuration procedures for the Oracle Analytics Server.


The flow charts will be maintained as Figure 1 and Figure 2 in any future updates to the referenced technical brief:
  • Figure 1. Flow Chart – Overview of installation and configuration steps.

  • Figure 2. Flow Chart – Final steps - Continued from prior page.

Oracle Analytics Publisher Out-of-Box Reports

Enterprise Manager provides the following out-of-box reports.

  • Agents

  • Alerts

  • ASM Reports

  • Availability

  • Chargeback

  • Cloud Services

  • Comparison and Drift Management

  • Compliance Reports

  • Configuration Compare Reports

  • Consolidation Planner

  • Database Storage Reports

  • EM Example Reports

  • EM Subtemplates

  • Enterprise Manager Health

  • Events

  • Exadata Reports

  • IDM Reports

  • Metrics

  • Operating System

  • Oracle Database Configuration

  • Oracle Database Software

  • OSB Reports

  • Recovery Appliance Reports

  • Service Usage Metrics Reports

  • SOA Reports

  • Usage Tracking Reports

  • WLS Reports

These reports can be imported into Oracle Analytics Publisher. For instructions on how to import these out-of-box reports into OAP, see the technical brief.