Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition 19

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition is a standalone Java Development Kit to execute Java or JVM-based languages (e.g. Scala, Kotlin), dynamic languages (e.g. JavaScript, R, Ruby, Python) and LLVM-based languages (e.g. C and C++) in one shared runtime. GraalVM Enterprise 19.2.1 is developed on top of the Java SE Runtime Environment version 1.8.0_231. It can be used for running applications written in:

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition 19.2.1 is obtainable by accepting 
OTN License Agreement Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition Including License for Early Adopter Versions or through Oracle Cloud subscription. GraalVM Enterprise is free to use, including support, on Oracle Cloud.

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition functionalities are distributed as fully supported, early adopter or experimental features.

Fully supported functionalities are covered by Oracle GraalVM Enterprise support terms.

If a feature is classified as an Early Adopter technology, it means it can be used in production and will be supported by Oracle as part of the Oracle GraalVM Enterprise subscription, but is not covered by Oracle’s standard warranty and customers might be required to upgrade.

If the feature is entitled as experimental, it might never be included in a production version, or might change significantly before being considered production-ready.

The experimental features in GraalVM Enterprise can be unlocked using the --experimental-options option passed on the command line to the language launchers, or with ContextBuilder#allowExperimentalOptions and/or Engine.Builder#allowExperimentalOptions set in other scenarios. For example, to diagnose the memory allocations of a JavaScript application with --memtracer profiling command line tool of GraalVM Enterprise, you should prepend --experimental-options flag:

$ <GRAALVM_HOME>/bin/js  --experimental-options --memtracer file.js

Note, that experimental plugins or features (enabled by --experimental-options):

For inquiries related to license rights and obligations, review the Licensing Information User Manual or contact your Oracle sales representative.

GraalVM Distribution Components List

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition consists of core and optional components, and is distributed as an archive. In that archive are the core components which enable using GraalVM Enterprise as a runtime platform for high-performance embeddable polyglot applications.

GraalVM Enterprise base installation contains the following components:


Libraries (jar files)


Optional Components

GraalVM Enterprise base installation can be extended with the optional components:

Warning: Native Image plugin is available as an Early Adopter technology.

Warning: GraalVM Enterprise support for Python, R and Ruby languages is experimental. Experimental features might never be included in a production version, or might change significantly before being considered production-ready.