Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition

Challenges Today’s Businesses Face

Today’s online global enterprises and microservices alike face the same needs: achieving better performance, and reducing ever-increasing infrastructure costs. The evolution from older, layered architectures to microservices requires new, innovative approaches to running a business either on premises or on the cloud.

Speed, dexterity, and leanness are key, then, to commanding the modern online marketplace.

Faster, Leaner Applications

GraalVM Enterprise is a foundation for innovation and improvement for both large enterprise applications and microservices alike.

Built on trusted and secure Oracle Java SE, GraalVM Enterprise accelerates application performance while consuming fewer resources — improving application efficiency and reducing IT costs.

In data centers with ever-growing workloads, being able to service more requests with the same computing infrastructure reduces the need to purchase additional hardware. Thus GraalVM Enterprise’s reduction of required compute resources can lower capital cost expenditures on premise and lower operation costs on cloud.

GraalVM’s key advantages:

Innovative Compiler

GraalVM’s just-in-time (JIT) compiler accelerates the performance of any Java or JVM-based application - out of the box and without any code changes.

Across the board, applications running on GraalVM Enterprise exhibit lower latency. Request response times are reduced. Applications run faster, freeing up CPU and memory sooner, allowing them to handle other requests or other applications running on the same server.

Native Image Technology

GraalVM Enterprise also incorporates its optimizing compiler into an advanced ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation technology: Native Image. The industry-leading native image builder translates Java and JVM-based applications into native platform executables that enjoy incredibly fast startup times since the program initialization is done at build time so, when tasked, the application is already compiled.

Utilizing Native Image, Java applications consume a fraction of the resources they would if running on a JVM, making GraalVM Enterprise ideal for cloud deployments large and small.

Language Interoperability

GraalVM Enterprise breaks the barriers between programming languages.

Java is the most popular language for building enterprise applications but JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R, and other programming languages have carved out niches in specific areas, e.g., machine learning. Many have accompanying libraries that provide unique and valuable features. Hence, developers often use different languages for specialized applications.

GraalVM Enterprise provides high-performance runtime support for a number of languages beyond Java, allowing different languages and libraries to interoperate with no performance penalty. This improves developer productivity by letting them use the right language or library for a given task.

Figure 1. GraalVM Enterprise Polyglot Runtime

Key to GraalVM Enterprise’s polyglot support is language compliance. For each of the supported languages, GraalVM Enterprise strictly adheres to the specification for each language and runs their compliance test suites to ensure compatibility.

GraalVM Enterprise also tracks changes through Oracle’s participation in a number of standards bodies like Ecma International. GraalVM innovations are in turn influencing specifications, like the recent announcement of the OpenJDK’s Project Leyden, which seeks to provide a standard specification for Java binary executables pioneered by the Native Image technology.

Trusted Oracle Support and Updates

GraalVM Enterprise customers take advantage of 24/7 access to the experienced GraalVM Enterprise support team who work closely with the Oracle Java support team.

GraalVM Enterprise releases include all Oracle Java critical patch updates (CPUs) which are released on a regular schedule to remedy defects and known vulnerabilities.

Get Started with GraalVM Enterprise

Get started with GraalVM Enterprise and:

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