Release Notes

This page highlights changes to Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition 21 between releases. GraalVM Enterprise comprises different components, changes to which are listed separately. Release notes are grouped in a descending order for usability reasons.

Check the GraalVM Enterprise Version Roadmap for information on the updates cadence.

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition 21.1.0


Java Updates

The Oracle JDK release that GraalVM Enterprise Edition is built on was updated to:

Platform Updates


Native Image

Polyglot Runtime

Java on Truffle


The changelog is available in the project repository.

LLVM Runtime (Sulong)

* The ability to build GraalVM or a native image with “native mode” completely removed (so only --llvm.managed mode works).

The project changelog is available on GitHub.


More details are available from the TruffleRuby changelog.


More details are available in the project changelog.


More details are available in the project changelog.

WebAssembly (GraalWasm)


Visual Studio Code Extensions


Polyglot Embedding

* Added a new experimental sandbox option --sandbox.MaxHeapMemory=<size> that specifies the maximum heap memory that a guest application can retain during its run. This feature is currently only supported on HotSpot. More information on how to use heap memory limits can be found in the sandbox documentation. Note that this feature is still experimental.

A detailed list of all the changes can be found in the changelog.

Truffle Language and Tool Implementations

A detailed list of all the changes can be found in the Truffle framework changelog.

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition


This is a bug fix release for the GraalVM 21.0.x branch. It contains operational changes to GraalVM Updater - a tool for installing optional GraalVM language runtimes and utilities, and for updating your local GraalVM installation.

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition 21.0.0



Java on Truffle

Platforms Support

As of this version, GraalVM distribution for Linux on ARM 64-bit system is provided. All components including the GraalVM core are experimental. This distribution is based on Oracle JDK11 for the AArch64 architecture.

Native Image

Updates for Language and Tool Implementers Using Truffle API

Updates for Polyglot Embedders



More details can be found in the changelog.


New features:

Bug fixes:





LLVM runtime




GraalVM Updater

Starting from version 21.0, GraalVM Updater has become more powerful and can be used to update your GraalVM local installation to a newer version or upgrade from a Community to Enterprise Edition. Read more in Upgrade GraalVM.

Visual Studio Code Extensions

GraalVM Dashboard