Oracle GraalVM for JDK 22


Platform and Distributions

Availability of JDK 22 Features

JEP Title Graal JIT Native Image
423 Region Pinning for G1 Garbage collection already enabled during JNI critical regions
447 Statements before super(…) (Preview)
454 Foreign Function & Memory API 🧩 #8113
456 Unnamed Variables & Patterns
457 Class-File API (Preview)
458 Launch Multi-File Source-Code Programs ℹ️
459 String Templates (Second Preview)
460 Vector API (Seventh Incubator) full optimization in progress 🏗️
461 Stream Gatherers (Preview)
462 Structured Concurrency (Second Preview)
463 Implicitly Declared Classes and Instance Main Methods (Second Preview)
464 Scoped Values (Second Preview)
439 Generational ZGC (from JDK 21) 🏗️ #8117 ℹ️

✅ fully available 🧩 partially available 🏗️ not available yet, in progress ℹ️ not applicable

Java and Compiler

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New Features


Debugging and Monitoring Improvements

Deprecated and Removed Functionality

Polyglot Runtime

Polyglot Embedding

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JavaScript and Node.js

Java on Truffle (Espresso)

Truffle Language and Tool Implementations

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