1 Accessing NF Documents on MOS

This procedure describes how to access the NF specific documents on MOS.

  1. Log in to MOS using the appropriate credentials.
  2. Click the Patches & Updates tab.
  3. In the Patch Search console, click the Product or Family (Advanced) option.

    Figure 1-1 Patch Search

    Patch Search
  4. Enter Oracle Communications Cloud Native Core - 5G in the Product field.
  5. From the Release drop-down list, select Oracle Communications Cloud Native Core <NF Name> <release_number>.
  6. Click Search.

    The Patch Advanced Search Results list appears.

  7. Select the customer documentation patch from the list.

    The Patch Details window appears.

  8. Click Download.

    The File Download window appears.

    Figure 1-2 File Download

    File Download
  9. Click the <p********_<release_number>_Tekelec>.zip file.
  10. Extract the release package zip file to download the network function patch to the system where network function must be installed.