3 Creating domains

Use domains in Oracle Communications Design Studio PSR Designer to organize entities into meaningful groups.

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About domains

Each PSR Designer entity belongs to a domain:

Domain Type Entities
Commercial Product
Service Customer facing service (CFS)

Resource facing service (RFS)



You can use multiple domains of the appropriate type to help organize your design. For example, a mobile service offering could have technical domains for 3G, 4G, and 5G service. The residential phone service shown in Example of a PSR Designer diagram has technical domains for Voice over IP (VoIP) and Plain Old Telphone Service (POTS).

Although domains have limited significance in PSR Designer, they're a required part of entity definitions. In the Design Studio Eclipse environment, domains map to projects and become important to how a design is realized.

After an initiative is launched, you can use the domains belonging to that initiative elsewhere in the system.

Because domains are required for entities, you might want to create domains before creating your diagram.

Creating domains

When you create a domain, you define just the name and type. The domain takes on meaning when you assign it to entities in a diagram.

In PSR Administrator, click Create at the top right, then select the command for the type of domain you want. In the dialog box, enter a name and optionally a description, and select an initiative.

You specify this domain when creating an entity in a diagram that is in the same initiative.

To view the domain, select it in PSR Administrator, or click View on the Details page for an entity that uses it. You can change the name or description, see where the domain is used, and delete the domain.

If you delete a domain associated with an entity, you'll need to associate a different domain.