9 Importing product specifications

You can import product specification definitions from external catalogs compliant with a TMF 620 Product Catalog Management API. Doing this associates the product specification with a diagram.

To do this:

  1. Use the GET operation with the PSR Designer TMF 620-compliant Open REST API to create a JSON file that contains the product specification definition. The JSON file should be compliant with the TMF 620 POST operation payload.
  2. In PSR Designer, go to the PSR Modeler landing page, and click Import Catalog at the top right of the page.
    The Import Catalog dialog box appears.
  3. Select an initiative and, optionally, a diagram. Then specify the JSON file. You can drag and drop the file or browse to it. Then click Create.
    The product specification name must be unique in PSR Designer. If the name already exists, the import won't work.
    The page for the imported product appears.
  4. Specify a commercial domain. You can also make other changes as needed.
The product specification is now part of the initiative you specified when importing and you can add it to a diagram that belongs to the same initiative. If you specified a diagram when importing, the product specification appears in that diagram.