This guide provides guidelines and recommendations for setting up Oracle Communications Design Studio in a secure configuration.


This guide is intended for system administrators, database administrators, developers, and integrators, who work with Design Studio.

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For more information, see the following documents in the Design Studio documentation set:

  • Design Studio Installation Guide: Describes the requirements and procedures for installing Design Studio.

  • Design Studio System Administrator's Guide: Describes information about administering Design Studio. This guide includes information about configuring deployment settings for test environments, backing up and restoring Design Studio data, and automating builds.

  • Design Studio Concepts: Explains how to use Design Studio to manage and configure data for use across Oracle Communications service fulfillment products. This guide provides a conceptual understanding of Design Studio.

  • Design Studio Developer's Guide: Provides an overview of Design Studio platform tools, and information about working with design patterns, externally created schemas, and source control. Finally, it provides information about deploying to production environments.

  • Design Studio Help: Provides step-by-step instructions for tasks you perform in Design Studio.

See the following books for more information about security:

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Securing a Production Environment for Oracle WebLogic Server: Describes how to secure a WebLogic Server production environment.

  • Oracle Application Server Security Guide: Describes basic web security concepts and describes the Oracle Application Server security framework and how to use it.

  • Oracle Application Server Administrator's Guide: Describes how to manage Oracle Application Server, including how to start and stop the Oracle Application Server, how to reconfigure components, and how to back up and recover the Oracle Application Server.

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