Co-Product Support

The following products and features run in concert with the Oracle® Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC).

Pooled Transcoding

The E-SBC supports pooled transcoding to conserve resources. Pooled transcoding requires an Access-Session Border Controller (A-SBC) that uses transcoding resources provided by at least one Transcoding-Session Border Controller (T-SBC). When the A-SBC uses the E-CZ8.0.0 software, you can use the following hardware as a T-SBC in a pooled transcoding scenario:
  • Acme Packet 4500 (E-CZ7.5.0, only)
  • Acme Packet 4600 (E-CZ7.5.0, E-CZ8.0.0, and E-CZ8.1.0)
  • Acme Packet 6300 ( E-CZ7.5.0E-CZ8.0.0, and E-CZ8.1.0)

Oracle Communications Session Router

The E-SBC supports the Oracle Communications Session Router.