Upgrade Information

The E-CZ8.1.0 release supports the following online upgrade paths.

Upgrade Paths

Acme Packet 1100, Acme Packet 3900, Acme Packet 4600, and Acme Packet 6300 Upgrade Paths

  • E-CZ7.5.0x to E-CZ8.1.0
  • E-CZ8.0.0 to E-CZ8.1.0

For systems running E-CZ7.4.0GA to E-CZ7.4.0p3, you must upgrade to E-CZ7.4.0M1 and perform a dual reboot before upgrading to E-CZ.8.0. If you previously upgraded to E-CZ7.4.0m1, E-CZ7.5.0, or E-CZ8.0.0 and performed the dual reboot, you do not need to perform the dual reboot when upgrading to E-CZ8.0.0. Refer to the E-CZ7.4.0 Release Notes for information about upgrading to E-CZ7.4.0M1.

When upgrading to this release from a release older than the previous release, read all of the intermediate Release Notes for notification of incremental changes.