Behavioral Changes

The following information documents the behavioral changes to the Oracle® Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) in this software release.

Provisioning FIPS

To downgrade to a previous release that does not support SHA-2 hashing, use the show version boot command to get the serial number of your E-SBC and contact Oracle Support.

In previous releases, you needed a license key to enable the FIPS feature set. As of E-CZ8.1.0, you enable the FIPS feature set by way of self-provisioned entitlements using setup entitlements, You must use this method when adding FIPS on a new system.

NAPTR Follow-Up Queries for A Records

The E-SBC can issue a query for either S or A records, based on the response to an E-SBC request within a NAPTR resource record. This happens if the E-SBC needs more information to reach its target FQDN. Previously, the system always issued queries for S records.


With this software version, you configure SNMP traps within the context of the E-SBC's comprehensive SNMPv3 support.

The secure-traps value is removed from the snmp-agent-mode parameter, which is part of the system-config.

In addition, the elimination of secure-traps means that the following protocols are deprecated for use by SNMP:

  • DES privacy protocol
  • MD5 and SHA authentication protocols

To configure traps, refer to SNMP configuration information in the MIB Reference Guide.


TLS 1.0 sessions fail to negotiate when the tls-version parameter is set to compatibility. To advertise TLS1.0 during session negotiation, navigate to the security-config element and set the options parameter to +sslmin=tls1.0.

ORACLE(security-config)# options +sslmin=tls1.0

HMR Regex Matching Changes

The PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) engine was updated in 8.1 and consequently the match-value value of \, is no longer valid. In previous releases, the PCRE engine used \, to match any character, including a NUL character. The newer PCRE engine does not support \,.

Separate from the PCRE, the SBC supports the non-standard \,+ to match one or more characters, including NUL characters. If your HMR rule for 8.0 or earlier depends on \, (for example, \,*), use either the standard .* to match any character zero or more times, excluding NUL characters, or use \,+ to match any character, including NUL characters, one or more times.

Voltage Monitoring

Starting in S-Cz8.1.0m1p6 and later, apEnvMonVoltageStatusValue in the ap-env-monitor.mib file is not supported. Voltage can still be monitored through the ACLI show voltage command.