Platform Support

The E-CZ8.1.0 software supports the following platforms.

Acme Packet Engineered Hardware

  • Acme Packet 1100
  • Acme Packet 3900
  • Acme Packet 4600
  • Acme Packet 6300
  • Acme Packet 6350

Qualified Hypervisors

Oracle qualified the following components for deploying version E-CZ8.1.0 as a Virtual Network Function.

  • XEN 4.4: Specifically using Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) 3.4.2
  • KVM: Using version embedded in Oracle Linux 7 with RHCK3.10

    Note the use of the following KVM component versions:

    • QEMU
      • 2.9.0-16.el7_4.13.1 for qemu-img-ev, qemu-kvm-ev
      • 3.9.0-14.el7_5.2 for libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu
      • 3.90-14-el7_5.2 for all components except -
      • 3.2.0-3.el7_4.1 for libvirt-python
  • VMware: Using ESXI 6.5 u1 on VMware vCenter Server
  • Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 R2 (Generation 1)

Supported Ethernet Controller/Driver/Input-Output Modes

The following table lists supported Ethernet Controllers (chipset families) and their supported driver. Reference the host hardware specifications where you run your hypervisor to learn the Ethernet controller in use.

Ethernet Controller Driver PV SR-IOV PCI Passthrough
Intel 82599 / X520 / X540 ixgbe WM M M
Intel i210 / i350 igb WM M M
Intel X710 / XL710 i40e WM M M
Broadcom (Qlogic Everest) bnx2x WM - -
Broadcom BCM57417 bnxt WM - -
  • W - wancom interface
  • M - media interface

Supported Cloud Computing Platforms

  • OpenStack (including support for Heat template versions "Mitaka" and "Newton")