B Add the OCSS SPL Plug-in

To enable the Session Border Controller (SBC) to perform look ups and add the Oracle® Communications Security Shield (OCSS) service in the call path, you must add the OCSS SPL plug-in to SPL Options in SPL Config and select Enable.

Perform the following procedure from the SBC GUI. You can enable or disable the OCSS SPL plug-in per realm. For more information about SPLs, see "Oracle SPL Plug-ins the ACLI Configuration Guide.


Oracle designed OCSS to monitor traffic between trusted and untrusted domains. Enable the OCSS SPL only on untrusted realms and not on internal trusted realms.


  1. Download the Cloud Communication Service (CCS) file from Oracle, which includes the OCSS SPL plug-in, and save the file locally.
  2. Untar the .tgz file.
  3. SFTP the OCSS.pkg file to /code/spl/ on the SBC. For a High Availability (HA) pair, upload the OCSS.pkg file to both the active and the standby systems.
  4. On the SBC, go to Configuration, System, SPL Config.
    The system displays the Modify SPL Config page.
  5. On the Modify SPL Config page, do the following:
  6. On the App SPL Config / Plug-ins page, do the following:
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save.
    The system saves and activates the configuration.