Duplicate the Default Analytics Project

If you want to preserve the default Oracle® Communications Security Shield (OCSS) analytics project, duplicate it and move it out of the OCSS folder. You can also use the following procedure to duplicate any of your custom analytics reports.

Oracle strongly recommends moving projects to a different folder because the upgrade process may overwrite the default projects and will remove any other projects in the OCSS folder. After you perform the following procedure be sure to save the duplicate in a folder other than the OCSS folder.


Oracle recommends that you never directly modify a default project. Create a duplicate and modify the duplicate.
  1. On the OCSS Dashboard, click Analytics Reports.
  2. Click the Back button at the left end of the page banner.
    Back button.

    This screen capture shows the back button located at the left end of the page banner. The icon on the button looks like the less-than character.

  3. On the Oracle Analytics home page, click the action menu at the left end of the page banner to display the navigation pane and click Catalog.
    Action menu.

    This screen capture shows the action menu. The icon is three equal horizontal lines, stacked.

  4. On the Catalog page, click Shared Folders and then click the OCSS folder.
  5. On the project that you want to duplicate, click the action menu in the lower right hand corner and click Duplicate.
    The system displays another representation of the original report image and adds the word "Copy" to the name.
  6. Rename the duplicate project with a unique name.
    • Hover over the report.
    • Click the action menu.
    • Click Rename.
    • Enter the new name in the Name field. For example, Total Calls Backup.
    • Click OK.
  7. Repeat the process for each report you want to duplicate.