1 OCSS Overview

Oracle® Communications Security Shield (OCSS) is a cloud service that evaluates SIP-based calls sent from the Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (OCSBC) to OCSS and generates a reputation score for each call. OCSS sends an enforcement action for each call it processes, based on reputation assessment or deny lists, to your OSCBC. OCSS provides a Dashboard where you can view information about call traffic, reputation scores, and detected threats, as well as manage parameters for handling risky calls.

OCSS dynamically determines the reputation score for a call by using data about the caller behavior, along with policies and thresholds that you can configure to provide you with a reputation level for the call. The Premium Edition supplements the reputation scoring based on Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) traffic patterns, phone number intelligence, machine learning and crowd-sourced fraud databases. Phone number intelligence includes data attributes about a phone number, such as line type and telecom carrier of record. OCSS integrates with your OCSBC through a REST API and allows you to customize how you want your session border controller to respond to risky calls.

OCSS does the following:
  • Validates the caller's phone number by caller behavior analytics and phone number intelligence.
  • Provides a Dashboard that displays a graphical visualization of the traffic on your telephony network, which events were detected, the enforcement actions applied, and more.
  • Detects threats such as Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) and toll fraud.
  • Provides policies and call traffic thresholds that you can manage to better predict, prevent, detect, and respond to threats.
  • Provides real-time enforcement actions on calls.
  • Provides indications of no-value calls, such as robocalls and scam calls.

OCSS Service Plans Comparison

The Oracle® Communications Security Shield (OCSS) is available in two subscription levels called Standard and Premium. The Premium subscription adds more artificial intelligence and machine learning to the risk scoring and reporting operations. The following table lists the features provided by each level.

Features OCSS Standard Service OCSS Premium Edition Service
TDoS protection X X
Access Control List capability X X
Dashboard with rich analytics X X
Real-time behavioral traffic monitoring X X
Real-time call reputation scores X X
Real-time policy enforcement X X
Basic spoofing detection X X
Traffic pumping detection and mitigation X X
Risk scoring based on PSTN details X
Risk scoring based on number intelligence X
Risk scoring based on type of carriers X
Risk scoring based on crowd sourcing X
Advanced spoofing detection X
Indication of robocalls, scam calls, and other unwanted calls   X
Spam label mitigation for outbound calls   X
Call tagging for inbound calls (Additional SIP header)   X

See Subscription Usage for more information about risk scoring and reporting for both the Premium and Standard subscriptions.

OCSS Components and Descriptions

An Oracle® Communications Security Shield (OCSS) deployment includes the Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (OCSBC) and the Cloud Communication Service (CCS). The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hosts OCSS along with other components that OCSS uses for operations such as the Dashboard, analytics, phone intelligence look-ups, the data store, and other services. The Cloud Communications Service (CCS) and the OCSBC reside on-premises.

Diagram of OCSS Components

The following diagram shows the components in an OCSS deployment.

This diagram shows the OCSBC and the Cloud Communication Service on-premises on the left and the Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud Service, the Policy Decision Engine, the Dashboard, and other services in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on the right.

Session Border Controller

OCSBC serves as the entry point for calls and acts as the enforcement point for implementing the actions that OCSS instructs. The OCSBC also reports the end of a call, the reason for termination, and call timers, which OCSS uses for reputation assessment and threat detection.

Cloud Communication Service

The CCS establishes a secure ground-to-cloud tunnel for on-premises OCSS components to communicate with OCSS components in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Communications Security Shield

OCSS hosts the Web GUI, which displays tabs where you can configure, manage, and maintain the service.

OCSS applies rules, provides call behavior analytics, sends the enforcement actions to the session border controller. OCSS combines various sources of information to instruct the session border controller about which actions to perform on a call. OCSS service works predominantly pre-answer, but also supports post-answer control. The enforcement actions, which you can specify, can include actions such as allowing, blocking, and redirecting the call to a different destination.

OCSS also integrates with the Data Analytics Cloud Service, which is a combination of multiple services designed to perform advanced analytics. The Data Analytics Cloud Service stores SIP INVITE messages and policy results in a data lake for analytics.